Dr Sabol Radioactive Waste Investigation SEDA GAFB

1979-xx-xx Sabol – Radioactive Waste Investigation Southeast Disposal Area (SEDA)

The Air Force failed to disclose to the ATSDR, contractors, public, and Federal & State regulators that John R. Sabol, J.D., P.E. conducted a radiological assessment of the Southeast Disposal Area (SEDA) where he located 18 to 20 55 gallon drums of radioactive waste in 1979. [Read More…]


1988-07-xx News – Ex-officers: Air Force lied about [George AFB] range

According to three retired Air Force officers, the Air Force intentionally misled the 1988 Defense Secretary’s Commission on Base Realignment and Closure hearings that led to a recommendation to close George Air Force Base in California. [Read More…]

George Air Force Base Federal Facility Agreement

1990-10-21 – George Air Force Base Federal Facility Agreement

The DOD/Air Force inserted a provision in the Federal Facility Agreement that allows for the withholding of information and records about radioactive contamination that is the result of the nuclear weapons program. [Read More…]

Declaration of AFOSI Special Agent

1990-91 – OSI Investigation of CBRN Contamination at George AFB

The Air Force refused to release the 1990–91 Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AF OSI) investigation of the environmental contamination at George AFB. The Air Force responded to a FOIA stating that were no responsive records despite being given a statement of facts from the investigating OSI Special Agent. [Read More…]

Air Force Lied to Rep Brown about radioactive waste at George AFB

1990-xx-xx – Congressman George Edward Brown Jr. Investigation

The Air Force lied to Congressman George E. Brown about the presence radioactive waste at George AFB. The VA Hospital Loma Linda was refusing to release my medical records to my Veterans Service Office (VSO) or me. [Read More…]

epidemiological environmental health surveys at majcoms

1991-xx-xx – George AFB’s Missing Completed Exposure Pathways Assessment

The Air Force refused to release the pre-1991 epidemiological, environmental, and health investigations conducted at George AFB that were requested under FOIA. These studies may be the result of Congressman Brown’s 1990 request to Major General Burton R. Moore to investigate the radioactive contamination at George AFB. [Read More…]

1992-04-09 Radiological contamination in the United States

1992-04-09 – Radiological contamination in the United States

The Air Force failed to disclose to the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs that George Air Force Base, CA had several radiological decontamination centers for aircraft and personnel that were involved the nuclear cloud sampling program in the 1950s-60s. [Read More…]

Buried Radioactive Weapons Maintenance Waste

2003-05-08 AF – Buried Radioactive Weapons Maintenance Waste

Air Force acknowledged that it routinely withheld information and records about radioactive waste from Federal, State and Local regulators, contractors, and the public. [Read More…]



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