OOcean Dumping of Radioactive Waste

Ocean Dumping of Radioactive Waste

Burial of Radioactive Waste in the USAF Page 26, section (2), refers to burial of radioactive waste at sea in 2 locations. 1. 72° 43” west longitude: 38° 40” north latitude, 2. 123° 6” west longitude: 37° 40” north latitude “(2) Burial at Sea Burial of radioactive wastes at sea has been authorized. Burial in inland lakes is prohibited. Disposition of considerable quantities of radioactive wastes must [Read More…]

Dr. John R. Sabol

John R. Sabol, J.D., P.E.

John Richard Sabol, J.D., P.E. (21 December 1932 – 3 August 2000) was the Chief Environmental & Contracting Programming / Community Planner / Construction Engineer for George Air Force Base, CA from June 1976 to February 1981. Dr. Sabol Letter # 1 “Dear Frank, In accordance with our past discussions, this letter should serve to summarize the work that I did at George Air [Read More…]

DoD’s Breach of Trust

DoD’s Breach of Trust

Because the Department of Defense (DoD) has not acknowledged the true nature and extent of the environmental contamination at the former George AFB, and its Completed Exposure Pathways (CEP): Doctors cannot treat the toxic exposures of base personnel and family members. Military personnel are being defrauded of their Medical Discharge, Military Pension, and medical care (TRICARE). Military personnel’s family members are being defrauded [Read More…]

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

What city or company would lease or buy property on a Superfund Site (George Air Force Base, CA), potentiality exposing their employees to toxic contamination, and opening the door to years of litigation? The George AFB CERCLA §120(h) Deed Restrictions The Army and/or Air Force used organochlorine pesticide to protect the older buildings’ (pre-1988) foundations against ground termites and other pests at George [Read More…]


DOD’s Hubris Towards America Citizens

The DOD’s employees hubris towards America Citizens and the callous disregard for the laws that every DOD employee swore to uphold and protect? Pentagon puts budget concerns ahead of Fort McClellan troops’ welfare The Pentagon doesn’t want to spend the money to alert hundreds of thousands of soldiers who served at a once-contaminated Army base that they may have been exposed to toxins. [Read More…]

Scales Of Justice

Seeking Justice

When we (the injured) try to seek justice for our injuries through the courts, we are told that our case has no standing because of the Statute of Limitations, Feres Doctrine, and/or the sovereign immunity clause of the Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA). How can the DOJ/DOD argue that the Statute of Limitations has expired when rogue employees within the DOD conspired to [Read More…]

CERCLA §120(h) - Deed Restrictions

George AFB’s CERCLA §120(h) Deed Restrictions

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board recently released the “Deed Restrictions” for George Air Force Base that are required by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) §120(h). Because of these CERCLA §120(h) Deed Restrictions, we now know that there were numerous Potential Exposure Pathways to the George AFB personnel, their families, civilian employees, and the surrounding community. The contaminated buildings, [Read More…]

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Logo BOP No Deed – Transfer Document Is Not Public Information

Victorville Federal Correctional Complex

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) requires the Air Force to make full disclosure of known and suspected contaminants when the property is transferred.  Why are the Department of Defense (DoD), Air Force (AF), and Bureau of Prisons (BOP) blocking the release of the Deed Restrictions for Parcel K? Victorville [Read More…]

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Caution Radioactive Material

Radioactive Waste Timeline

In the 1940s and 50s, it was standard practice to bury radioactive waste, including radioactive waste generated by nuclear weapons maintenance operations, in unlined pits, until the Air Force implemented Technical Order 00-110N-2 in 1958-59.  Because all activities supporting the Nuclear Defense Program are highly classified to protect national security, the location, material, and amount buried in these radioactive waste sites has not [Read More…]


Get help for others and myself?

I was stationed at George AFB and I think that my health problems are connected to the toxic contamination at George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453.″ Request a complete and unredacted copy, printout, or export of your military personnel; inpatient, outpatient, dental, and mental health medical records from the National Personnel Records Center […] [Read More…]


Semper Fi: Always Faithful Trailer

If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at one or more of the 148 Department of Defense (DOD) Superfund Sites, please watch this trailer and rent or buy “Semper Fi: Always Faithful.” The DOD does not want to spend the money to inform the military personnel, their families, civilian employees, and the [Read More…]


George AFB Administrative Record

Three hundred and one documents have been deleted or pulled from the United States Air Force (USAF) Administrative Record (AR) for George Air Force Base. Source accessed 10 April 2011 AR # View Size(MB) Subject or Title Author / Corp Author Document Date 1616 0.08 This Document Has Been Deleted From The AR 1617 0.09 This Document Has Been Deleted From The AR 1620 [Read More…]


George Air Force Base Intro

Did the Department of Defense (DOD) misrepresent the nature and extent of the environmental contamination at the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453″?  Yes.  In doing so, the DOD wasted in excess of $124,700,000.00(1) of the taxpayers’ money and unnecessarily endangered the public, military personnel, and their family members. By concealing the nature and extent of the contamination, and the complete [Read More…]

Timeline Logo

Important Documents – Timeline

1971 February – Hq USAF survey letter – Radioactive Waste Disposal, Hq, SCN 71-28 – AF George AFB was notified by HQ USAF that that all of its radioactive waste burial sites were to be accounted for, fenced off, and clearly marked. They were not. 1972 March – Burial of Radioactive Waste in the USAF – AF Positive responses George AFB 1973 fall – My radiation exposure  in Southeast [Read More…]


Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (KSAAP) – Pesticides

“It is the EPA’s decision that the pesticides are no longer protected under “intended use” when the structures are demolished or are to be demolished. Because of this, the chemical’s “intended use” is no longer applicable, and the pesticides become ”solid waste” and subject to RCRA Section 1004(27).” Mathy Stanislaus, US EPA, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Department [Read More…]


Oaths of Office / Enlistment

The Commissioning Oath “I, _____ , having been appointed an officer in the (Service) of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation [Read More…]


DoD’s Culpability For Contamination

I am trying to document when the Department of Defense (DoD) knew or suspected it had a problem with environmental contamination at its facilities, installations, or bases. To do this, I am trying to find the earliest DoD reports or documents that address specific environmental contamination or health hazards at the DoD’s installations. e.g., Radiation, Trichloroethylene, Burn pits, Incinerators, and … Burn pits or incinerators Known carcinogens and [Read More…]

Main Gate George AFB

Is George AFB the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?

Is the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453, ″ the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?  Yes! Some people have asked why it is taking so long to get help for the families of George AFB.  At some point, senior management within the DOD made a decision that it was more important to cover up the problem at its contaminated bases than [Read More…]


Brigadier General H. Huston George

George AFB was named in honor of Brigadier General Harold Huston George (1892-1942), a World War I fighter ace, General George directed air operations in defense of the fortified islands in Manila Bay at the beginning of World War II. He died on 29 April 1942, in an aircraft accident near Darwin, Australia. Photo courtesy of Gen. H. H. George’s Family Harold George was [Read More…]

Mojave River Groundwater Basin map

Mojave River Basin

Because George Air Force Base is in the Mojave Desert, protection of the water supply is of critical concern. Unfortunately,George AFB’s contamination has seriously damaged the fragile aquifer system of the Mojave River Ground-Water Basin that has been in a state of overdraft since the early 1950′s.  For more information: Mojave River – Mojave Water Agency Groundwater Basins – Mojave Water Agency   [Read More…]

Victorvile AAF logo

Names and Commands

Established as the Air Corps Advanced Flying School: 23 June 1941 Construction Began: 12 July 1941 Occupied: 25 October 1941 Renamed Victorville Army Flying School: 6 February 1942 Renamed Victorville Army Air Field: 23 April 1943 Renamed Victorville Air Force Base: 13 January 1948 Renamed George Air Force Base: 2 June 1950 Closed: December 1992 Army Air Corps Advanced Flying School: 23 June [Read More…]


Transferred to Civilian Use

The Secretary of Defense announced the closure of George Air Force Base under the Base Closure and Realignment Act 5 January 1989. George AFB was deactivated December 15, 1992. President Bill Clinton fast-tracked George AFB environmental cleanup program so base property could be quickly transferred to the community for reuse. “Five-Part Plan for Revitalizing Base Closure Communities,” President William Clinton, July 2, 1993


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