Brian C.

I was stationed at George AFB as a crew chief in the 21st TFS from 1986-1989. I lived in the base dorms. After five months of symptoms and visiting several dentists, an ear nose and throat doctor, a neurologist, and an oral surgeon, I was finally diagnosed in April of 2015 with stage 4 cancer of the jaw bone. I had to have my entire mandible removed along with part of the lower lip and all my chin. It was all replaced with my fibula from the left leg (after the right fibula failed) and leg and shoulder tissue to replace gums and chin. I have had to use a feeding tube since, and the cancer spread to my sternum and lymph nodes in the chest. I am currently in a clinical trial to try to kill this horribly aggressive cancer. I have never smoked or chewed tobacco, and minimally drank alcohol. Two of my friends from George who were stationed there with me also developed cancer in the past two years. One was a tumor in the nose. The other has liver and bile duct cancer.

Brian C.

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