Bridgette Smith

My name is Bridgette Smith, and my father was stationed at George AFB from 1983- 1991. We moved to Wyoming Ct, off of the flight line, when I was 5 and moved off base when I was 12. As a child, I had constant colds and pneumonia. At 16, I was diagnosed with Coxsackie Virus, which no one had ever heard of. I had 3 high risk pregnancies, with the third pregnancy nearly killing me. I did not go into labor for any of my pregnancies, all were delivered by c-section. Since my children’s birth, I have had 3 fibroid tumors removed, all very large. I have 2 large fibroid tumors that cannot be removed without a hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which had to be removed because it was not responding to medicine and growing. This tumor affect my vision as well as shutting down my kidneys, and adrenal glands. My energy levels have not returned to normal, due to the tumor. I suffer from depression as well as anxiety.

My children have also been birth with strange health issues. My first son was born with Trisomy 18 mosaic. His kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, lungs, and brain were all affected. He lived a total of 20 days [neonatal death]. My second child was born with double club feet. He has had to go through numerous surgeries to correct his feet. He has ADHD as well as extreme anxiety issues. My last children were a set of twins, both boys. The first twin has Tourette’s Syndrome with severe ADHD. His speech is affected by this. The second twin has very little immune system. He has Allergy induced Asthma. He does not get colds, he goes straight into pneumonia. He gets it every 3 months, regardless of any medicine the doctors have him on.

My sons and I’s health have become a joke to my in-laws family. We can’t win the lottery, but if there is a health issue that is unheard of in the family blood lines, we have managed to be diagnosed.

Bridgette Smith


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