Brigitte Leehr

My name is Brigitte Leehr (Jones), I lived on George AFB from 1976 – 1979.  I was a dependent child and we lived on base housing during those years. We were deployed to Lakenheath England in 1979 and within a few months I became ill and was diagnosed with cancer of the Appendix. I was 17 years old. Throughout my 20’s I suffered with ovarian cysts and fibroids and endometriosis and eventually had a hysterectomy in my 30’s. I’m not sure if it’s related but I remember a staple drink for us kids at GAFB was cool-aid made with tap water. My mother also grew some fruits and veggies in our back yard that we ate in spring and summer months. Tap water was always used with cooking and of course bathing etc. Water fountains were always accessible on base. I did have a daughter in my late 20’s she suffers with some autoimmune problems but basically leads a healthy life. My mother ended up with a brain Tumor many years later and remains debilitated in a nursing home to this day. My father passed away many years ago.  I am grateful to be living a healthy and happy life now.

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