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DVA C&P Claim Toxic Exposure – Pesticides – George AFB

This is a starter list of documents that should be submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for toxic injury as a result to exposure to “chlordane and other organochlorine pesticides (“OCPs”) at George AFB.” Terri Crooks set a precedent by winning her DVA C&P claim for service connection health conditions as a result [Read More…]

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Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (KSAAP) – Pesticides

“It is the EPA’s decision that the pesticides are no longer protected under “intended use” when the structures are demolished or are to be demolished. Because of this, the chemical’s “intended use” is no longer applicable, and the pesticides become ”solid waste” and subject to RCRA Section 1004(27).” Mathy Stanislaus, US EPA, Assistant Administrator for the Office [Read More…]