Base Realignments and Closures (BRAC) 1988

1988-12-xx DOD – Base Realignments and Closures

Air Force Base for closure primarily due to degraded training effectiveness, air traffic congestion, and because of excess capacity within the category. The net cost of closure and relocation will be paid back immediately. The Commission expects annual savings to be $70.2 million. The military value of George AFB is lower than other tactical-fighter installations due to its distance to specialized training ranges [Read More…]

Investigation of the George AFB Radiological Decontamination Centers

1953-06-xx CDPH – Investigation of the George AFB Radiological Decontamination Centers

According to the following documents, (Vera , 2015) (Vera , 2016) (Headquarters Field Command, Armed Force Speical Weapons Project, March ‐ June 1953), there were several instances where aircraft had flown around and through surface nuclear weapons testing zones for imagery and sample collection, and then returned back to George Air Force Base for decontamination. We could not find any documentary evidence that [Read More…]

Nuke Waste Toughens Closings

1994-09-30 News – Nuke Waste Toughens Closings

The military could run into difficulty in closing bases because a poor job was done keeping track of radioactive waste, Sen. John Glen (D-OH) said yesterday.  DOD does not know how much or what kind of radiation is contaminating American bases, according to a GAO report.  GAO examined DOD’s inventory of 420 low- level radioactive sites on military land but found some sites [Read More…]

Low-level radioactive dump discovered at George AFB

1985-09-01 News – Low-level radioactive dump discovered at George AFB

Victorville — The existence of a low-level radioactive waste dump near Victorville and the Mojave River was revealed Friday after a telephone tip from an off-road vehicle enthusiast. The dump was apparently unknown to local and county officials, but might be on a state water board list. The approximately one-acre unfenced site is located within the extreme southern boundary of George Air Force [Read More…]