Cheryl J. Wolford-Stamps-Carter

My sister and I were born on George’s Air Force base in 1955 and 1954 respectively. My father Wolford last name was enlisted. My Mother was Beverly. They were married. She died of liver disease I was told. I am concerned for my family history is sketchy and this web page makes me wonder. We were in the housing on GAB until I was two. I am also trying to find out if my dad is still alive. I believe his first name was Allen or John, my mom was not completely clear to me. At two I was taken by my grandparents William and Florence Stamps to Bakersfield California. I never saw my dad again. Please help me and my sister and our families know the truth about everything. Surely this is important especially to our children. Thank you so much Cheryl J. Wolford-Stamps-Carter.

Wolford 1954-1970
Stamps adopted 1970-1982
Carter married 1982-still today

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