1990-xx-xx – Congressman George Edward Brown Jr. Investigation

Air Force Lied to Rep Brown about radioactive waste at George AFB

In the 1990s, Congressman George Edward Brown Jr. conducted an investigation of my radiation exposure and the radioactive contamination at George Air Force Base. During the course of Congressman Brown’s investigations, he asked the Air Force if there was any radioactive contamination at George AFB and if any others from George AFB showed symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning the Air Force responded that “there was no evidence of nuclear waste” at George AFB.

Because the Air Force lied to Congressman Brown he asked his friend and colleague Bob Stump Chairman House Committee on Veterans Affairs to investigate my radiation exposure.  Stewart Liff Director VARO Los Angeles responded to Congressman Stump – “His non-service connected disabilities are osteoporosis, condition of the skeletal system, pulmonary emphysema, heart condition [radiation myocarditis see: 1990 VA C&P exam] and radiation exposure.

1990 Letters DOD Lied to Rep George E. Brown about radiation at George AFB_Redacted (PDF)

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June 25, 1990
Major General Burton R. Moore
Director of Legislative Liaison
Department of the Air Force
Room 4D927, The Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20330-1000

RE: George A.F.B. / Vera, Frank III

Dear Major General Moore:

I am writing on behalf of Frank Vera concerning his exposure to radiation in 1973, while in the service at George A.F.B.. Mr. Vera is now suffering, as are several others, as a result of that exposure. I am enclosing pertinent documentation, which includes medical reports stating that his condition is due to his exposure to radiation, along with a copy of where the nuclear waste was stored at Geoge A.F.B..

I am requesting a complete and thorough investigation of this matter. Mr. Vera has documented names of others who are also suffering medically due to their exposure. I would like your research to indicate how many were affected and showed symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning and never diagnosed in that manner. Mr. Vera has also indicated that the waste site on the base was right next to the housing units and that children use to play in that area.

Please respond to me directly at my Colton District Office. Your prompt attention to this matter is requested.

George E. Brown, Jr.
Member of Congress

— the following was OCRed and may have some typos —

May 25, 1993
Mr. Henry Gresham
Regional Director
Department of Veterans Affairs
11000 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024

RE: Mr. Frank Vera
SSN: xxx

Dear Mr. Gresham:

I am writing on behalf of my constituent, Mr. Vera, who has contacted my office regarding the denial of his claim for increased service-connected disability compensation and non-service connected pension.

Mr. Vera request my assistance several years ago with this same problem. At that time I contacted the Pentagon and asked them to investigate the nuclear waste issue at George A.F.B. Their response stated that there was no evidence of nuclear waste.

Unfortunately, it is now public knowledge that’ there definitely is a problem at George A.F.B., but Mr. Vera continues to be denied even though he has medical documentation verifying that his deteriorating condition is due to radiation poisoning from Loma Linda University Medical Center, U.C.L.A. Medical Center, and the [VA] medical facility in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The denial states that “the fact that George A.F.B. has been declared unsafe does not show that your suffer from any disability which can be recognized as radiogenic in origin.” It difficult for me to understand after reading the medical reports how the statement above could be made. The medical report clearly indicate radiation poisoning. I also don’t understand why our local Veteran’s Hospital did reach the same conclusion in this matter.

In the “condition” portion of the denial xxx, low back strain are listed. I need this clarified further as well. Mr. Vera is try to obtain benefits for radiation poisoning, and a dislocated right shoulder, cracked sternum and crushed, ruptured and bulging disc injury that was due to a service-connected gun shop accident.

I am also enclosing a copy of where the nuclear waste was located at George A.F.B.. I feel confident that if this matter was investigated, it will show that Mr. Vera was exposed to radiation, as were several others. I am enclosing an authorization, medical records, along with other relevant documents, and am requesting that Mr. Vera’s medical records, located at Loma Linda Veterans Hospital, be released to him.

Please respond to me directly at my Colton District Office. Your prompt attention to this matter is requested.

George E. Brown, Jr.
Member of Congress

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If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at a DOD Superfund Site please follow the steps that are outlined at Get Help.

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