Department of Energy Superfund Sites – 21

  1. Bonneville Power Administration Ross Complex (USDOE) – Vancouver, WA
  2. Brookhaven National Laboratory (USDOE), – Upton, NY
  3. Feed Materials Production Center (USDOE) – Fernald, OH
  4. Hanford 100-Area (USDOE) – Benton County, WA
  5. Hanford 1100-Area (USDOE) – Benton County, WA
  6. Hanford 200-Area (USDOE) – Benton County, WA
  7. Hanford 300-Area (USDOE) – Benton County, WA
  8. Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (USDOE) – Idaho Falls, ID
  9. Laboratory For Energy-Related Health Research/Old Campus Landfill (USDOE) – Davis, CA
  10. Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab (Site 300) (USDOE) – Tracy, CA
  11. Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab, Main Site (USDOE) – Livermore, CA
  12. Middlesex Sampling Plant (USDOE) – Middlesex, NJ
  13. Monticello Mill Tailings (USDOE) – Monticello, UT
  14. Mound Plant (USDOE) – Miamisburg, OH
  15. Oak Ridge Reservation (USDOE) – Oak Ridge, TN
  16. Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (USDOE) – Paducah, KY
  17. Pantex Plant (USDOE) – Pantex Village, TX
  18. Rocky Flats Plant (USDOE) – Golden, CO
  19. Savannah River Site (USDOE) – Aiken, SC
  20. W.R. Grace & Co., Inc./Wayne Interim Storage Site (USDOE) – Wayne Township, NJ
  21. Weldon Spring Quarry/Plant/Pits (USDOE/Army) – St. Charles County, MO


Source accessed on:  25 June 2012

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