G. W.

My dad B. W. was stationed at George AFB several times.  I know we were there when I was in kindergarten, then we moved to Ramstein AFB in Germany for 3 years and then back to George for the remainder of my 3rd grade and we lived at different locations over the years.  I attended both George and Shephard Elementary.

I have horrible sleep apnea that was discovered after I got out of the Navy and it was never diagnosed back then because I thought I was just a snorer.  Turns out I was a snorer in elementary/ junior high.  And it got worse until finally a sleep study a few years ago showed that I stopped breathing 46 times in less than an hour, the worst they had ever seen.  I have horrible degenerative disc disease that is crippling me, I’ve been suspected of having Sjogren’s syndrome but I without medical insurance and can’t pursue more tests.  I have major ED issues at only 45 years-old.  I have developed arthritis in my hands, shoulders, and ankles it appears.  I am the only person in my family that is a diabetic all of a sudden.  I have depression issues and anxiety issues.  I suffer from cluster headaches that make a migraine look like a joke.  I have heart issues.  I had my first colonoscopy at 33 because I was having issues and ultimately three polyps were removed that were suspected of being pre-cancerous.  I have markers indicating autoimmune diseases by no one can pinpoint which one(s).  I’m sure I have more issues that I am not thinking of but this is the start.

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