“I’m Mad as Hell”: Air Force Members Blame Health Horrors on Toxic Exposure

George Air Force Base Front Gate

Two memories stand out to Terrine Crooks from her arrival at George Air Force Base in the summer of 1980. One is the sense of apprehension she felt at seeing for the first time the broad, flat, barren expanse of the base on the skirt-tails of the Mojave Desert. “I was like, ‘oh my God.’ I was a New Hampshire girl who’d left a beautiful green land.”

The second, she said, was how she was told by in-processing personnel not to get pregnant while stationed there.

“I was young, I didn’t question it,” she said. “I already had a daughter.”

Crooks quickly settled into life at George. She met her future husband there. And toward the end of 1981, she did indeed become pregnant. In April of the following year, however, her son Brian arrived 13 weeks prematurely. Within his first few months of life, Brian suffered multiple brain hemorrhages, and eventually developed an array of ongoing health conditions and disabilities, including cerebral palsy. Then, when Crooks turned 30, her own health began to deteriorate. … Read more: “I’m Mad as Hell”: Air Force Members Blame Health Horrors on Toxic Exposure
By Daniel Ross, Truthout – 17 April 2016

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