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1971 February – Hq USAF survey letter – Radioactive Waste Disposal, Hq, SCN 71-28 – AF

  • George AFB was notified by HQ USAF that that all of its radioactive waste burial sites were to be accounted for, fenced off, and clearly marked. They were not.

1972 March – Burial of Radioactive Waste in the USAF – AF

  • Positive responses George AFB

1973 fall – My radiation exposure  in Southeast Disposal Area (SEDA)

1974 spring – My discharge spring

1978 July – Removal Of Trichloroethylene Contamination From Drinking Water At A [Pease AFB, NH] USAF Installation – AF

1976 – 1981 – Chief Environmental Officer for George AFB Dr. Sabol’s CV – Sabol

1979  – John R. Sabol, J.D., P.E. – letter # 1

  • 1979 environmental assessment of the Southeast Disposal Area (SEDA) and a radioactive disposal site was fenced off, and clearly marked

1980 December – CERCLA was enacted

1981 – the law that required the administrative record was passed

1990 March – VA Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam diagnoses probable radiation myocarditis – VA Bay Pines Medical Center

1990 February – Aerial Photographic Analysis of George Air Force Base – EPA

1990 March –  Nuclear Regulation – The Military Would Benefit From a Comprehensive Waste Disposal Program – GAO –  PDF

1991 – OSI Investigation into my radiation exposure

1994 March – Vera referral Oak Ridge DOE – VA Loma Linda Medical Center

1994 August – Environmental Cleanup – Better Data Needed For Radioactively Contaminated Defense Sites – GAO – PDF

1994 April – Superfund Reauthorization 1994: DoD’s Opportunity To Clean Up Its Hazardous Waste Act- Major Henley, JA –

1996 January – Lost Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Records – EPA

1998 December 1 – Public Health Assessment for George Air Force Base, CA – ATSDR

2003 May – Buried Radioactive Weapons Maintenance Waste – AF

2004  December – Information Law and Dissemination of Environmental Documents [FOIA] AF JAG – Page 3- -PDF

2006 – Air Force Law Review – Volume 58 –  Master Environmental Edition II – AF – PDF

2006 December  20 – Burn Pit Health Hazards Memo – AF

2012 May – Defense Infrastructure – DOD Can Improve Its Response to Environmental Exposures on Military Installations – GAO – PDF

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