Joseph Cox

My father was stationed at George Air Force Base in 1973. I’m assuming he lived in the barracks at that time. He got married and had me in 1976. We move to Germany shortly after and then moved all over from there. We moved back to Georgia Air Force Base in 1986 and we lived in temporary housing for about six months. I went to school at Sheppard Elementary and George Elementary. My father worked as a crew chief on the F-4 Phantom for the Wild Weasels. I’m not sure what chemicals he was exposed to but he did die at the age of 52 of cancer about 12 years ago. My mother has been diagnosed with [chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy] CIDP and [chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy] CIPD about 10 years ago. My mother has always had some sort of bronchitis shortly before we left the base when my dad retired in 1992 if I remember correctly. I have always had bronchitis since I was younger as well. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the chemicals on the base but I have always had some sort of reading problem. I do remember having to move to a new house because they were doing asbestos removal in the houses.

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