Kandi W.

My name is Kandi W., I moved to George Air Force Base in 1988. My husband Brian and I lived there until 1991. Before moving on base, and we lived in Adelanto for a year and a half then moved to Victorville for a year. My husband was in the fire department and I took him dinner on the nights he was on duty (every other night). I remember seeing big flames out on the runway and I asked what it was. He told me it was a mock-up exercise (to practice putting aircraft fires out). They would use hundreds of gallons of jet fuel to start the fires then put it out. It makes sense that much of the fuel went into the ground and water sources contaminating the area and causing a myriad of illness.

Shortly after moving to the base I started having debilitating migraines was seen by a doctor and referred to a neurologist. I was prescribed medication that would knock me out for 24-48 hours each time I had to take it.

We were never advised to not get pregnant while stationed at George AFB. When I became pregnant in 1990, I miscarried. I became pregnant two more times both resulting in miscarriages. The last miscarriage resulted in massive hemorrhaging and had to have emergency dilation and curettage procedure. We tried to get pregnant after the miscarriages and D&C without success. After my last miscarriage, I was diagnosed with cysts on my ovaries that burst every cycle and were excruciatingly painful. In 2007 I ended up having to have a hysterectomy due to multiple large fibroids on my uterus causing major bleeding and clotting during my menstrual cycle.

I was also diagnosed with thrombocythemia (a rare chronic blood disorder that causes overproduction of blood platelets). I have to be tested every year.

The toxicity of George AFB caused my fertility issues, migraines, blood disorder, gout just to mention a few. I am saddened and angry that the US Government continued to allow people to live in these dangerous and life altering conditions.


Kandi W.

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