Lisa McCrea

My name is  Lisa McCrea, I arrived at GAFB a normal, healthy woman in 1987 but, certainly didn’t leave that way. I suffered a horrible miscarriage with my first pregnancy and nearly died at 4 months pregnant.I was one of the women sent home to bleed out. I had to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and they found that my uterus was full of tumors and I was told by Dr. Reeves that if I wanted children, I should try again right away. I did eventually have a successful pregnancy in 1988 but, it was a struggle with massive unexplainable weight loss and crippling nausea. I had dysfunctional labor when she did arrive which was mismanaged as well. My second daughter (born in 90), same issues and I went into premature labor at 28 weeks which had to be stopped with medication. We recently found out that both my daughters, who were born there, are infertile. They suffer from PCOS and various other reproductive issues, none of which run in my family.

I started getting sick almost immediately upon moving there. I suffered from loss of appetite, shaking, anxiety, depression, night sweats, skin crawling, heart valve failure, SVT, PVCs, difficulty breathing, poor circulation in extremities and migraines. My health has steadily declined since leaving there when they closed the based in 91. I was eventually diagnosed with lupus (SLE), Raynaud’s phenomenon, seizures, multi-focal dystonia, heart disease, ITP, anemia, colitis, peripheral neuropathy, gastritis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, fibromyalgia, CFS, and multiple severe allergies (including a severe allergy to the sun), just to name a few. Again, none of this runs in my family.

My ex has had similar issues with spinal degeneration and tumors in his ears among other health related issues. All my children (5) were born with a learning disability. We have everything from depression, ADD, ADHD, ODD, speech and auditory processing disorders, SPD and Autism. Again, NONE of this runs in my family. Now we think my oldest son may be sterile as well.

I have no doubts about our exposure and where the trouble began. I’m still trying to process this emotionally, after finding out about this 11 days ago. I knew when I lived there that something was very wrong but, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was. I remember the yellow stains on our clothes after putting them in the closets on base. I went I to premature labor after cleaning up one of these spots on the floor in our storage room on Montana street. I also remember the contamination suits and respirators they wore when they had to do work on base housing and they never would tell you why. You would hear rumors about asbestos but, when you questioned it, you got lied to. We have been sick for so long and I’m beyond mad that they didn’t notify us of the dangers that they absolutely knew about. I’m definitely seeking justice!

I should also add that they threatened us. They said if we talked about what happened, he wouldn’t do well with his military career. My husband was so nervous about the threats that he got upset when I tried to talk with friends about what happened. I wasn’t allowed to mourn the loss and it deeply affects me to this day.

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