Misty D

My name is Misty D. My father, (Jamie D) retired as E-6 Master Instructor, Electronic Warfare, was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1980-1989. I was conceived and delivered at GAFB, and we lived in GAFB Family Housing until I was 6. My father passed away a few months ago from esophageal cancer. Before he died he added me to your Facebook group. The horrors sound too familiar. I have suffered 3 miscarriages, a molar pregnancy, I have malformed reproductive organs, I did not get all of my adult teeth, the few I have left are in terrible condition despite my efforts. I was diagnosed with migraines shortly after leaving George. We lived in base housing on Carolina St. I have pictures of us living there, playing in the pool, playing in the snow…I remember a swamp cooler; my dad had a vegetable garden, my mom complained of yellow stuff dripping from the walls and washed them frequently. She has suffered from irregular menstrual cycles and almost had a hysterectomy but opted for a less invasive laser surgery. I don’t know if my father was informed of the dangers. He was very secretive. One of the strangest things about him, which kind of makes sense now, is that he had a vasectomy right after I was born. He must have been around 24-26 years old. Awfully young for a vasectomy. Perhaps the military told men not to get anyone pregnant?

Misty D

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