1994-09-30 News – Nuke Waste Toughens Closings

Nuke Waste Toughens ClosingsThe military could run into difficulty in closing bases because a poor job was done keeping track of radioactive waste, Sen. John Glen (D-OH) said yesterday.  DOD does not know how much or what kind of radiation is contaminating American bases, according to a GAO report.  GAO examined DOD’s inventory of 420 low- level radioactive sites on military land but found some sites doubled counted, others omitted, and others skipped entirely.  ”How can we carry out disposal procedures and recoup money for the U.S. Treasury if we can’t define what contamination there is, how much it will cost for cleanup, and when it will be completed,” Glenn said.  (AP)
(Summarized from wire copy and SHAPE news highlights.  Source material available at CNARS, Room 4C38l.)

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See: 1994-08-24 GAO – Better Data Needed For Radioactively Contaminated Defense Sites
Posted: June 24, 2017
On December 22, 1992, Senator John Glenn requested that the General Accounting Office (GAO) investigate whether the Department of Defense (DOD) has accounted for all of its radiologically contaminated sites.  The GOA found that the DOD could NOT identify the location, isotopes, or amount of radioactive material disposed of at [Read More…]

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