Ronald Mead

I was stationed at George from 73-74 and then 75-78.  I was with MMS as a weapons loader. Our shop was the last hanger next to the old weapons storage area on the east end of the runway.  When I arrived in 73, we stayed in the WW II barracks until they were torn down and new ones were built.  Worked on F-105 Weasels.  Handled equipment soaked in solvent and oil.  Around jet fumes from aircraft running up.  The water always tasted a little off.  Went down to the river and had parties and played in the river just off base.  Lived in Adelanto next to perimeter fence.  Was never told about any contamination or any kind.  VA has never contacted me.  Did not know about the radiation.  That is a little scary.  Having a hard time getting a copy of my medical records. Have several problems on your list of reported health problems.  Thought they were from Agent Orange from U-Tapao Thailand, but now they might be because of George AFB.

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  1. I was also stationed at George AFB from 1973 – 75 have had lots of problems with hearing and dizziness over these many years, worked the flight line on F-105.

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