T. E. H.

I was stationed at George AFB from March 1983 – Nov 1984.  I was at the Component Repair Squadron (CRS) Group of the 35th TAC Wing. I lived in the dorm across from the BX and showered and drank the water at the dorm and while at work. Played golf at the Course and ate at the Chow Hall regularly. In the early 1990’s I developed Psoriasis on my elbows and knees. I am still treating this today. In 2006 I developed a Malignant Oligoastrocytoma of the left frontal portion of my brain. They had to remove a golf ball size of my brain and was given a 5% chance of living a year. I received 2 brain surgeries to remove the tumor, chemo, and radiation and still have occasional issues with brain to speech connection. I also have short term memory issues. I truly wish this was looked into as I have had issues for approx 20 years now.

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