Whistleblowers Wanted!


Whistleblowers – Report fraud, waste, abuse, violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public interest, such as fraud, health and safety violations, and corruption.

Wanted Documents!

  1. Information about Air Force officials intentionally misleading Congress and the Defense Secretary’s Commission on Base Realignment and Closure during the 1988 hearings. See: Ex-officers: Air Force lied about [George AFB] range – Moscow-Pullman Daily News – 7 May 1990
    “Col. Maurice Long, Lt Col Vernon R Lee, and Capt. William McDaniel … contend Air Force officials intentionally misled the Defense Secretary’s Commission on Base Realignment and Closure during 1988 hearings.”
  2. Information and/or documents for the 1979 search for radioactive material, at George AFB, conducted by John Richard Sabol, J.D., P.E. See: Dr. Sabol
    “Sometime in 1979, I did drilling work in a remote desert wash south of the large base bomb dump south of Air Base Road. Within the S.W. portion of Section 36 T6N, R5W, there was located a radioactive site clearly marked and fenced. Subsequent drilling with a 91/2 auger showed x- ray film, glass, wood, A-C gages and other material stored in 55 gal drums. We also found a large area where hydrocarbons cleared from the bottom of bulk storage tanks had been buried. Because of the remoteness of this site and the fact that hazardous wastes had been disposed of over the years, it is possible that other hazardous material placed there escaped our preliminary investigations.”
  3. Information and/or documents for the 1991 Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) investigation into the environmental contamination and my exposure to radioactive contamination at George AFB in 1973. See: FOIA Appeal – OSI investigation CBRN – George AFB – 4 April 2012
  4. Any studies and/or investigations of epidemiological, environmental, health issues/problems at George AFB
    See: page 21 AF request to destroy the “epidemiological, environmental health surveys” for George AFB – 28 October 1991 – PDF
  5. Deed restrictions for any property at or next to George AFB
  6. Aerial photographs and/or satellite images of the former George AFB, CA
    1. Any analysis of the photographs/ images of the former George AFB, CA
  7. Classified or formerly classified documents about environmental contamination at George AFB  !!!Do not send classified documents!!!
    Please send the cover page or a description of the document with the title, author, and publication date, so that I can file a FOIA or ask for a Mandatory Classification Review.
  8. Contracts, interagency agreements, memorandums of understanding, memorandums of agreement, and/or cooperative agreements, about classified or formerly classified environmental contamination at George AFB.
  9. Documents identifying contamination in the drinking water supply wells for George AFB, Adelanto, and private wells  next to George AFB (including the Victor Valley Country Club).
  10. Any contracts to destroy or decommission drinking water supply wells, production and private, (including the one that was destroyed or decommissioned by a contractor named Honeycutt).
  11. When and where were nukes deployed or stored at George AFB
    1. What years
    2. Was the base under the jurisdiction of the Army and/or Air Force when the weapons were deployed
    3. What squadrons had the nukes, e.g., 1st Fighter-Interceptor Wing
    4. What was the command e.g., ANG, SAC, TAC, NORAD
    5. At what Weapon’s Storage Area(s) were the nukes stored or maintained (George had 3)
    6. Location of the Weapon’s Storage Area where the nukes were stored or maintained
    7. Any record of an accident/incident involving nuclear weapons at George AFB
    8. Documents about Buried Radioactive Weapons Maintenance Waste at George AFB
    9. Documents about Buried Radioactive Waste at George AFB
    10. Documents pertaining to the Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Radiological Decontamination Centers at George AFB
  12. Information on service members who were medically retired from George AFB (statistics showing how may per year and for what condition)
  13. Infant mortality information, including miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal deaths for George AFB personnel and family members
  14. Any correspondence with the CDC and/or ATSDR to limit, influence, and/or suppress the Public Health Assessment, for George Air Force Base

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Phone: 209-782-4541

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