Congratulation Terri Kristl Crooks!

Terri just set a  precedent by winning her Veterans Administration (VA) claim for service connection health conditions associated with exposure to toxic chemicals, specifically the pesticides used at George Air Force Base Family Housing.  See: Terri Kristl Crooks

More information about the organochlorine pesticide contamination at the George AFB Family Housing see: BaseFamilyHousing.Info

George AFB Main Gate

Is George AFB the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?

Is the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453, ″ the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?  Yes! Some people have asked why it is taking so long to get help for the families of George AFB.  At some point, senior management within the DOD made a decision that it was more important to cover up the problem at its contaminated bases than help the American Citizens that it harmed.  When the decision was made to cover up the … [Read More...]

Exposure Pathways

CERCLA §120(h) - Deed Restrictions

George AFB’s CERCLA §120(h) Deed Restrictions

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board recently released the “Deed Restrictions” for George Air Force Base that are required by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) … [Read More...]

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News Feeds

Feres Doctrine – News

Campbell County Veteran Fights Military Malpractice WSET Under the 'Feres Doctrine' the 1950 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, members of the armed forces cannot sue the federal government for medical ... Cerebral Palsy … [Read More...]

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George Air Force Base Intro

Did the Department of Defense (DOD) misrepresent the nature and extent of the environmental contamination at the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453″?  Yes.  In doing so, the DOD wasted in excess of $124,700,000.00(1) of the taxpayers' money, and unnecessarily endangered the public, military personnel, and their family members. By concealing the nature and extent of the contamination, and the complete … [Read More...]

Personal Accounts

Andrea Asa Sonnenberg

My name is Andrea Asa Sonnenberg, and my father was a career officer in the USAF. For the first 10 years of my life, we lived on base, moving from such diverse areas as Germany, Mississippi, Nebraska and Illinois. My dad … [Read More...]

Rachel Grasty-Sheehan

My name is Rachel Grasty-Sheehan. My dad was stationed at George AFB from 1983 to  1989 my dad was an SP, and then he cross trained to Training Management after his back problem got too much for him.  We lived in the base … [Read More...]

Gun Shop Accident

Frank Vera

My name is Frank Vera. I was stationed at George AFB from 1973 to 1974, assigned to the 35th MMS, worked in the Gun Shop, and lived on base in the barracks.  I was discharged 15 months after arriving at George AFB. The … [Read More...]

Melissa Hensley

My name is Melissa Hensley my mother was stationed at George AFB in 1980-1983 so was my father. We lived in Victorville. My mom was a jet engine mechanic she was around trichloroethylene (TCE)  so was my father. My mother … [Read More...]

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Important Documents – Timeline

1971 February - Hq USAF survey letter - Radioactive Waste Disposal, Hq, SCN 71-28 - AF George AFB was notified by HQ USAF that that all of its radioactive waste burial sites were to be accounted for, fenced off, and … [Read More...]

Transferred to Civilian Use

The Secretary of Defense announced the closure of George Air Force Base under the Base Closure and Realignment Act 5 January 1989. George AFB was deactivated December 15, 1992. President Bill Clinton fast-tracked … [Read More...]


DoD’s Culpability For Contamination

I am trying to document when the Department of Defense (DoD) knew or suspected it had a problem with environmental contamination at its facilities, installations, or bases. To do this, I am trying to find the earliest … [Read More...]

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