We are the men and women of the U.S. Military

We enlisted/were commissioned in the military to protect our country in its time of need, agreed to sacrifice our body or lay down our life if necessary to protect the country we loved. We did NOT agree to be needlessly poisoned by the very country we swore to protect, and we certainly did NOT agree to the poisoning of our spouses and children. [Read More…]

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Military bases’ contamination will affect water for generations

VICTORVILLE, CA – Once a fighter jet training base critical to the Cold War, little remains of the former George Air Force Base but rows of dilapidated houses, a dismantled military hospital and dangerous chemicals from pesticides, jet fuels and other hazardous wastes that have poisoned the water for decades.

“Now when I see the base today, areas of it look like a war zone,” said Frank Vera, an Air Force veteran stationed on the base in the early 1970s. “I don’t think people know what to do with some of these areas because they are so contaminated.” [Read More…]

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Firefighting Foam in the SEDA

George AFB’s Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) – PFOA and PFOS

George Air Force Base disposed of Firefighting Foam in Landfill-1 (L-1). L-1 is located south of Air Base Road in the Southeast Disposal Area (SEDA) and about a ¼ mile upstream of the old Drinking Water Supply Wells for George AFB, Adelanto, CA, several homes, and the former Victor Valley Country Club. Unfortunately, the groundwater flows northeast from the SEDA directly toward these [Read More…]

Scales Of Justice

Seeking Justice

When we (the injured) try to seek justice for our injuries through the courts, we are told that our case has no standing because of the Statute of Limitations, Feres Doctrine, and/or the sovereign immunity clause of the Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA). How can the DOJ/DOD argue that the Statute of Limitations has expired when rogue employees within the DOD conspired to [Read More…]

Danger Pesticides

George AFB’s Organochlorine Pesticides Contamination

In 2002, aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, and lindane were detected in the surface soil at the George AFB Family Housing. In 2005 the Air Force advised the City of Victorville that the levels of pesticides detected at the Base Family Housing “could present a danger to human health if soils are inhaled, ingested, or contacted by skin.” On 1 October 2007, the levels of [Read More…]

Danger Lead Based Paint

George AFB’s Lead Based Paint Contamination

Most facilities and buildings at George AFB were constructed before the DOD banned the use of lead based paint (LBP), in 1978, and are likely to contain one or more coats of such paint.  In addition, some facilities constructed immediately after the ban may also contain LBP, because the inventories of these paints that were in the supply network were likely to have [Read More…]

Danger Asbestos

George AFB’s Asbestos Contamination

“There are 1,970 buildings on-base (including 1,641 housing units) with a total square footage of floor space of 4,629,926, approximately 10 percent of which has been surveyed for asbestos. Forty percent of those facilities tested had asbestos containing materials (ACM) (80% nonfriable, 20% friable).”  Page 11 Title:   A Preliminary Review of Environmental Requirements and Concerns Based on the Proposed Closure of George [Read More…]

Danger Radiation

George AFB’s Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing Decontamination Centers

In 2016, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Radiologic Health Branch investigated the radiological decontamination centers at George AFB.  CDPH concluded that there were historical documents that demonstrate that aircraft were decontaminated at George AFB and the Air Force has NOT publicly acknowledged the radiological contamination or the cleanup of this possible radiological contamination. With the recent declassification and/or release of documents, [Read More…]

Terri Kristl Crooks VA C&P

Terri Kristl Crooks

Terri just set a precedent by winning her Department of Veterans Administration (DVA) claim for service connected health conditions associated with her exposure to toxic chemicals at George AFB. She had a repeated and prolonged exposure to chlordane and other organochlorine pesticides (“OCPs”) that were used as herbicides, insecticides, termiticides, pesticides, and rodenticides to protect the George Air Force Base Family Housing, dorms, and [Read More…]

Caution Hazardous Chemicals Sign
Burn Pits

George AFB’s Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)

Victorville Army Airfield / George Air Force Base (AFB) used organochlorine pesticides, before they were banned, to protect its buildings against termites and other pests. The following pesticides and their breakdown products were detected under and around the George AFB Family Housing: aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, and lindane. The levels of aldrin, dieldrin, and chlordane and their breakdown products were so [Read More…]

Main Gate George AFB

Is George AFB the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?

Is the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453, ″ the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?  Yes! Some people have asked why it is taking so long to get help for the families of George AFB.  At some point, senior management within the DOD made a decision that it was more important to cover up the problem at its contaminated bases than [Read More…]

Radioactive Waste Disposal Site at George AFB SEDA
Burn Pits

– George AFB’s Weapons Storage and Assembly Area and Southeast Disposal Area

The Southeast Disposal Area’s RW-09 radioactive disposal site is physically located about a ¼ mile upstream of the Drinking Water Supply Wells for George AFB, Adelanto, CA, several homes, and the former Victor Valley Country Club.  Unfortunately, the groundwater flows northeast from the SEDA, directly toward these drinking water supply wells.  This created a potential exposure to tens of thousands of civilians, and military [Read More…]

George AFB HTRW Sites Lahontan RWQCB

George AFB’s Hazardous Toxic and Radioactive Waste Sites

Potential Contaminants of Concern at the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453” Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), Aviation [Avgas], Benzene, Chlordane, Diesel, Explosives (UXO, MEC) [Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) / Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC)], Gasoline, Heating Oil / Fuel Oil, MTBE / TBA / Other Fuel Oxygenates, Munitions Debris (MD), Nitrate, Other Insecticides [Dieldrin] / Pesticide / Fumigants / Herbicides, Other [Read More…]

logo ATSDR Public Health Assessment No Completed Exposure Pathways

Request For A New Public Health Assessment (PHA)

I am requesting that the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) conduct a new Public Health Assessment for the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453.” From the ATSDR’s Public Health Assessment for George AFB, dated December 1, 1998, Pages 28 – 29. On the basis of available data, ATSDR concludes that exposure to contaminants in groundwater and soil at George [Read More…]

Danger Non-Potable Water

Industrial Waste – Completed Exposure Pathways

From 1965 to 1 December 1981 (16 years), the Air Force dumped 5,578,400 gallons of industrial waste containing known carcinogens into the sanitary sewer, which emptied into the sewage treatment plant (STP), and the STP discharged directly into the STP’s percolation ponds. However, the Air Force determined that the unlined percolation ponds, the soil, and the groundwater were NOT contaminated based on one [Read More…]

DoD’s Breach of Trust

DoD’s Breach of Trust

Because the Department of Defense (DoD) has not acknowledged the true nature and extent of the environmental contamination at the former George AFB, and its Completed Exposure Pathways (CEP): Doctors cannot treat the toxic exposures of base personnel and family members. Military personnel are being defrauded of their Medical Discharge, Military Pension, and medical care (TRICARE). Military personnel’s family members are being defrauded [Read More…]


DoD’s Culpability For Contamination

I am trying to document when the Department of Defense (DoD) knew or suspected it had a problem with environmental contamination at its facilities, installations, or bases. To do this, I am trying to find the earliest DoD reports or documents that address specific environmental contamination or health hazards at the DoD’s installations. e.g., Radiation, Trichloroethylene, Burn pits, Incinerators, and … Burn pits or incinerators Known carcinogens and [Read More…]

Photo of flowers

George AFB’s Children

  I have received dozens of personal accounts about miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, and childhood cancers at George Air Force Base.  Here are some excerpts from these accounts: “When I arrived at the base [George AFB] in Oct 81, they told us during our inbrief that there was a high infant mortality rate and females should consider NOT getting pregnant while assigned there.” G. [Read More…]

Danger Burn Pits
Burn Pits

George AFB’s Burn Pits and Incinerators

The Burn Pits and Incinerators at George Air Force Base provided a Completed Exposure Pathway (CEP). Burn Pits and Incinerators → known carcinogens and respiratory sensitizers →  air → civilians, military personnel and their family members The Department of Defense (DOD) and Air Force failed to notify the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) of this potential exposure pathway for the Health Assessment of George AFB. George Air Force [Read More…]

Domestic Water Supply Wells

Drinking Water – Completed Exposure Pathways

George Air Force Base’s contaminated drinking water provided a Completed Exposure Pathway (CEP) Supply wells → water → civilians, military personnel and their family members, and surrounding community This contaminated drinking water provided the following “Completed Exposure Pathways” Ingestion: Drinking water, cooking Dermal Contact: bathing, showering, swimming pool, occupational exposures Inhalation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs): showering, swamp coolers The Department of Defense (DOD) and Air Force [Read More…]

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

What city or company would lease or buy property on a Superfund Site (George Air Force Base, CA), potentiality exposing their employees to toxic contamination, and opening the door to years of litigation? The George AFB CERCLA §120(h) Deed Restrictions The Army and/or Air Force used organochlorine pesticide to protect the older buildings’ (pre-1988) foundations against ground termites and other pests at George [Read More…]

George Elementary School

George AFB’s Schools – Completed Exposure Pathways

Several people have reported that they, family members, friends, or coworkers from the George AFB schools have cancer. If you worked at or were a student at one of the schools on George AFB and have health problems, please contact us. Expedited Environmental Assessment and Cleanup The former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453″ was redeveloped under President Clinton’s expedited environmental cleanup “Fast-Track“. The [Read More…]

Caution Radioactive Material

Radioactive Waste Timeline

In the 1940s and 50s, it was standard practice to bury radioactive waste, including radioactive waste generated by nuclear weapons maintenance operations, in unlined pits, until the Air Force implemented Technical Order 00-110N-2 in 1958-59.  Because all activities supporting the Nuclear Defense Program are highly classified to protect national security, the location, material, and amount buried in these radioactive waste sites has not [Read More…]

Dr. John R. Sabol

John R. Sabol, J.D., P.E.

John Richard Sabol, J.D., P.E. (21 December 1932 – 3 August 2000) was the Chief Environmental & Contracting Programming / Community Planner / Construction Engineer for George Air Force Base, CA from June 1976 to February 1981. Dr. Sabol Letter # 1 “Dear Frank, In accordance with our past discussions, this letter should serve to summarize the work that I did at George Air [Read More…]

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Reported Health Problems

tumors Ewing's sarcoma CIPD prostate cancer radiation myocarditis CIDP blood clots anencephaly bladder cancer Sjogren's syndrome tinnitus joint pain molar pregnancy premature birth don't get pregnant histiocytosis infant mortality basal cell carcinoma Tourette's Syndrome thrombocythemia female infertility schizophrenia difficult pregnancy tendonitis Ketotic hypoglycemia neuropathy osteoarthritis melanoma learning disabilities breast cancer mds acid reflux lymphoma MS osteoporosis Rosai-Dorfman disease PMDD lobular carcinoma graves’ disease fibromyalgia Mosaic Trisomy 18 brain cancer CML miscarriage fibroid tumors migraines mood disorders celiac sprue disease skin cancer brain tumor anxiety Raynaud's sleep apnea bone problems blackouts mastectomy bipolar disorder hyperactive multiple health problems seizures Oligoastrocytoma kidney cancer anemia cataracts ulcers insomnia allergies IBS gout rheumatoid arthritis reproductive disorders bone cancer lupus autoimmune disorder uterine fibroids chronic bronchitis pancreatic cancer pneumonia angina liver disease hepatosplenomegaly stillborn myelodysplastic syndrome thyroid ovarian cysts cluster headaches ductal carcinoma osteopenia Psoriasis high risk pregnancies club feet memory raves ophthalmology compromised immune systems deaf colon cancer PCOS chromosomal defects degenerative disc disease autism heart attack manic depression pre-eclampsia polyps neonatal death dysplasia arthritis ADHD celiac disease glaucoma sinus infections cystic hygromas chronic pain syndrome (CPS) asthma endometriosis mystery illness bulging disks throat cancer deceased pulmonary embolism lung cancer testicular cysts ulcerative colitis endometrial cancer radiation myelitis autoimmune leukemia central retinal vein occlusion emphysema dermoid cyst tremors c-section headaches hypertension irregular menstruation gastroschisis heart problems squamous cell carcinoma diabetes cancer hypothyroidism uterine cancer asbestos thyroid cancer hiatal hernia death Barret's esophagus hysterectomy COPD depression

Potential Media Affected

Aquifer Used For Drinking Water Supply, Contaminated Surface / Structure, Indoor Air, Soil, Soil Vapor
Source: CA State Water Resources Control Board

Contaminants of Concern

Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) / Friable Asbestos, Aviation [Avgas], Benzene, Chlordane, Diesel, Explosives (UXO, MEC) [Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) / Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC)], Gasoline, Heating Oil / Fuel Oil, MTBE / TBA / Other Fuel Oxygenates, Munitions Debris (MD), Nitrate, Other Insecticides [Aldrin / Dieldrin] / Pesticide / Fumigants / Herbicides, Other Petroleum, Other Solvent Or Non-Petroleum Hydrocarbon, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Radioactive Isotopes, Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), Toluene, Trichloroethylene (TCE), Vinyl Chloride, Waste Oil / Motor / Hydraulic / Lubricating, Xylene


CA State Water Resources Control Board

Air Force Administrative Record

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Personal Accounts

  • My name is D. G., I lived at George AFB as a child of an active duty soldier. I lived there from 83 to 91, at 238 Oregon St. I/m 36 years of age and suffer [Read More...]
  • My name is G. A.  In October 1981, at age 17, I was assigned to George AFB, CA (active duty).  I attended a briefing by the base hospital as part of the INTRO program for newly [Read More...]
  • My father, Victor Nabors, was stationed at George AFB in the early 80’s.  We lived in the George AFB Family Housing for approximately 3 years on Alabama Court. I attended the elementary school on base. [Read More...]
  • I lived at George from 77 to 80 with my family they were young kids at that time. There were always problems with the water. they would shut it off with no notice, then turn [Read More...]
  • My name is Rachel Grasty-Sheehan. My dad was stationed at George AFB from 1983 to  1989 my dad was an SP, and then he cross trained to Training Management after his back problem got too [Read More...]
  • My dad was stationed there GAFB in 70 – 73, I was 13 and up. I had a total hysterectomy with endometriosis and bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer. I have been ill for many years [Read More...]
  • My name is M. D. I was an AF wife at George AFB for 7 years, late 1968 through late 1975. We lived in Adelanto through most of my first pregnancy. I nearly miscarried in [Read More...]
  • I was stationed at George A.F.B. from 1973 to 1977. I was at the FMS Squadron. The last year I was transferred to the Wheel and Tire Shop. They brought in a large Trichlorethylene tank [Read More...]
  • I was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1969 thru 1973, with a tour of South East Asia in between. I was a crew chief on F4 Phantoms. In 2005, I was diagnosed with [Read More...]
  • My name is Daniel S – Dates at George AFB 1987-1992 – Active duty, Nav-Aids/ MET-NAV – 2067 COMM Squadron I lived  off and on base the  entire 5 years, some in the barracks, some in base housing. I [Read More...]
  • I was a F-105 Aircraft Mechanic from 1973 – 1977 and worked the flight line. I was always covered in fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid. I can see that a lot of my health problems [Read More...]
  • I was born at GAFB in 1988 and lived there til 1992. I’ve had numerous issues including endometriosis, miscarriage, complicated pregnancies and births, migraines, thyroid issues, and blood clots. Two of my children have colitis [Read More...]
  • My name is Kandi W., I moved to George Air Force Base in 1988. My husband Brian and I lived there until 1991. Before moving on base, and we lived in Adelanto for a year [Read More...]


  • The DOD’s employees hubris towards America Citizens and the callous disregard for the laws that every DOD employee swore to uphold and protect? Pentagon puts budget concerns ahead of Fort McClellan troops’ welfare The Pentagon [Read More...]
  • If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) requires the Air Force to make full disclosure of known and suspected contaminants when the [Read More...]
  • Because George Air Force Base is in the Mojave Desert, protection of the water supply is of critical concern. Unfortunately,George AFB’s contamination has seriously damaged the fragile aquifer system of the Mojave River Ground-Water Basin [Read More...]
  • 1971 February – Hq USAF survey letter – Radioactive Waste Disposal, Hq, SCN 71-28 – AF George AFB was notified by HQ USAF that that all of its radioactive waste burial sites were to be accounted for, [Read More...]
  • If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at one or more of the 148 Department of Defense (DOD) Superfund Sites, please watch this trailer [Read More...]
  • Three hundred and one documents have been deleted or pulled from the United States Air Force (USAF) Administrative Record (AR) for George Air Force Base. Source accessed 10 April 2011 AR # View Size(MB) Subject or [Read More...]
  • In the 1940s and 50s, it was standard practice to bury radioactive waste, including radioactive waste generated by nuclear weapons maintenance operations, in unlined pits, until the Air Force implemented Technical Order 00-110N-2 in 1958-59. [Read More...]
  • George AFB was named in honor of Brigadier General Harold Huston George (1892-1942), a World War I fighter ace, General George directed air operations in defense of the fortified islands in Manila Bay at the [Read More...]
  • The Secretary of Defense announced the closure of George Air Force Base under the Base Closure and Realignment Act 5 January 1989. George AFB was deactivated December 15, 1992. President Bill Clinton fast-tracked George AFB environmental cleanup [Read More...]
  • Is the former George Air Force Base, CA, “EPA Superfund ID: CA2570024453, ″ the Air Force’s Camp Lejeune?  Yes! Some people have asked why it is taking so long to get help for the families of [Read More...]
  • Burial of Radioactive Waste in the USAF Page 26, section (2), refers to burial of radioactive waste at sea in 2 locations. 1. 72° 43” west longitude: 38° 40” north latitude, 2. 123° 6” west longitude: 37° 40” north [Read More...]