Deborah A. Lord

My father was stationed at George AFB from 1972 till we left in 1979.  We lived in Base Family Housing on Michigan Ave across from the flight line. I am a dependent, so I went to school on base, to the pool, exploring the wide-open range and pretty sure places where I should not have been! Played in the dirt. Dug holes, tried to make gardens, and pretty sure ate dirt.

I will soon be 50 I have had two miscarriages, I suffer from migraines, I have IBS, I get cluster headaches, depression, I had dysplasia, I have polycystic ovaries (PCOS), and several other issues that have not been diagnosed yet. Some of this has also been passed down to my daughters my oldest is suffering from lupus and all children suffer from depression, learning disabilities, stomach issues, headaches!

The Government must recognize the damage it has done! I know they did not issue families to the men and women that serve our country but life happens and the government is about protecting our country, our people, our rights, liberties, and freedom! How about start showing it by taking care of us dependents!!

  • Did your pets have health problems/die? We had a cat that got tumors and died
  • Did you swim in the base pool? Yes, every summer
  • Did you have a flower or vegetable garden? Yes
  • Describe the drinking water quality. Water was always a funny color and tasted funny I remember my dad buying a collegian water system
  • Did the DOD, Air Force, or the Dept. of Veterans Affairs let you know of your possible toxic exposure at George AFB? No

I am not a doctor or attorney, and cannot give medical advice or legal advice.

If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at a DOD Superfund Site please follow the steps that are outlined at Get Help.

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