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I have received dozens of personal accounts about miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, and childhood cancers at George Air Force Base.  Here are some excerpts from these accounts:

  • When I arrived at the base [George AFB] in Oct 81, they told us during our inbrief that there was a high infant mortality rate and females should consider NOT getting pregnant while assigned there.” G. A.
  • I was told during in brief they had high infant mortality rate and females should not get pregnant”
  • I was asked to donate my infant’s body for scientific research by an airforce OB/GYN, Dr. …
  • I was asked to donate her body ‘to science’ so they could study this rare case of …
  • I was a healthy 19 year old with 2 failed pregnancies when he told me I might want to consider not having children for 1 or 2 years …
  • The two who were born at GAFB, both had babies born with birth defects.
  • A family friend’s two youngest daughters were born at George, and when they grew up and had kids, both of their firstborn children had the same serious birth defect.
  • My daughter also had all of her intestines on the outside, stomach and part of her liver too.
  • I was there from 81-85. Could never have children.
  • My ex-wife and I tried to get pregnant while I was there from 86-90, but it didn’t work
  • Lost a set of twins and my daughter had birth defects when she was born. Ran into our babysitters parents at Lackland. She was there and died from cancer….she was 16.
  • Did the Department of Veterans Affairs tell you that there was a potential problem at George? “NO“.
  • Did the Department of Defense or Air Force tell you that there was a potential problem at George? “NO“.
  • The military suddenly couldn’t find my medical records
  • The AF couldn’t find my child’s medical records
  • San Bernardino County couldn’t find my child’s death certificate
  • The AF did not file my child’s death certificate with San Bernardino County

George AFB’s potentially high infant mortality, birth-defects, and/or high childhood cancer rate were not reported to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) for the Health Assessment of George AFB.

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  1. I am curious how far the contamination spread. I spent my pre-teen and teen years in San Bernadino county. I was diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” in my teen years…was never able to get pregnant other than a suspected early term miscarriage until I was 30. My daughter seems healthy enough, but I have had three more early-term miscarriages in the past two years 🙁

  2. Frank, thanks again for your service and for trying. You are good to keep trying. I know this has been a thankless mission for you with no reward. I did send a couple letters through the DOD and also through to Erin Brochovich in California, but with no results. I have also posted your GAFB updates on FB and two of my friends that served at GAFB. At the risk of offending you Frank, I am a Christian and I do pray for you and all of the people that have been harmed past and present by service st GAFB. At least know Frank that you are appreciated and I think you will be repaid at some time.
    Ray Cook

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