Martin Rigg

Martin Rigg

My name is Martin Rigg, I was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1971-1972 and lived in the enlisted barracks across the street from the Airman’s Club. I worked in the 35th CES Fire Department George AFB CA and I just recently learned about the nuclear waste on the base.  As part of my training I put out fires in the burn pits not knowing what was in them or what fuel was used.

I’ve been told that have migraines, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and have lost all feeling in both my feet (neuropathy). I have had to have the left shoulder repaired.  I was told by the VA that my right shoulder and both knees need to be replaced. Because of the severe degeneration of the joints; on my spine I required a 6 ½ hour surgery where 2 rods were inserted to support

I believe my health problems are a direct result of my toxic exposures at George air force base. I was never told about the contamination when I was stationed at George. The VA, DOD, or Air Force have not contacted me about my possible toxic exposure while at George.  I just recently learned about the environmental contamination at the George AFB.

If anyone remembers me or knows W. T. Grant, [PLEASE CONTACT ME] I must know if you are sick too?????  I’m looking for the people that I served with; I’m hoping someone sees this and emails me through the contact page. Frank will forward your information to me.

Martin Rigg

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  1. I was stationed at George in the fire dept the same time Martin was there (71-73). I remember Martin well. I personally have not experienced any health issues that I might perceive due to being stationed at George as a firefighter. I also remember the tearing down and burning of the old barracks, and we would stand by and eventually mop up those fires, No telling how much asbestos we were exposed to during that time as well. I too just recently read about all the possible health exposure issues from back then at George. My heart goes out to any and all involved. Sad deal. As far as Martin goes, I really feel bad as he was such a nice guy and I enjoyed serving with him. Feel free to give Martin my email if he wishes. I hope Martin can find a support group to help him with VA. We know they deny anything and everything they can. I’m sure there must be a group somewhere if many were exposed and now experiencing health issues. My prayers for Martin and all. (Martin, Frank has forwarded you my email brother.)

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