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  • Treasure Island Naval Station was home to US Navy’s Nuclear War Academies
  • The navy’s nuclear war academies used a variety of radionuclides in their training
  • The Navy did not acknowledge that history publicly, and as a result, cleanup crews and others preparing for redevelopment may have inadvertently spread radioactive material around the island.
  • “CIR has found that the history of the nuclear work done at Treasure Island and the lack of safety protocols at the time mean the contamination is most likely wide-spread.”
  • The Navy said the radiation is left over from the decontamination of radioactive ships and …
  • The Navy has repeatedly insisted that the island is safe
  • The city of San Francisco didn’t wait for that cleanup to be completed before moving people there: About 2,000 [low-income] families have lived in former military housing on the island and nearby Yerba Buena Island since 1999.

Conn Hallinan’s 2014 “Are You Serious?” Awards
Foreign Policy In Focus
Article VI calls for the “cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and … the ships that had taken part in those tests at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. The Navy then buried the nuclear waste around the island, creating …

Court shuns opponents of big Treasure Island development
The court also said the Navy is required to remove all toxic substances — including oil, pesticides, asbestos, lead paint and low-level radioactive …

Treasure Island flooded with water, mold and radiation
San Francisco Bay View
Treasure Island flooded with water, mold and radiation … Reeves Court is mere feet from Bigelow Court, which is so radioactive that, following Navy …

Trapped on Treasure Island, Part One: Yet another Treasure Island renter wrestles the mold monster
San Francisco Bay View
When Andrea McHenry confronted Treasure Island’s market rate housing property … radiation and chemical dangers, this island resident employed meticulously … Andrea McHenry speaks at a Treasure Island community meeting.

Radiation levels at Treasure Island sites called no health threat
San Francisco officials this week released the addresses on Treasure Island where higher-than-normal radiation readings were detected underground …

Two more elevated radiation readings on Treasure Island
SFGate (blog)
The U.S. Navy has completed its surveys of Treasure Island and found two more locations where higher-than-usual radiation levels were detected …

How the Navy made Treasure Island a radiation dump, then promised to clean it up and didn’t
San Francisco Bay View
Decaying radioactive materials produce ionizing radiation. … Bikini atoll nuclear fallout victims, scientists learned that people who worked with, or were …

Elevated radiation level discovered in Treasure Island home, Navy says
San Francisco Examiner
Radiation may stem from ships that were exposed to nuclear weapons … Treasure Island is part of San Francisco, and The City paid the Navy $103 …

The Sandy Agee story, Part Two: We love Treasure Island, but we don’t want to die
San Francisco Bay View
Could the cause be Treasure Island’s toxic asbestos, mold, lead, radiation or … will Sandy and her children be showered with radioactive fallout?

Navy Finds Radiation in Treasure Island Home
NBC Bay Area
The Navy has confirmed to NBC Bay Area that it has found elevated levels of radiation at a residential site on Treasure Island. As the Investigative Unit …

Treasure Island residents voice concerns after radiation detected in vacant unit
KTVU San Francisco
He said that’s where some of the radiation sources are coming from. But again Beck says there’s no need for the residents of Treasure Island to be …

Radiation detected under vacant home on Treasure Island
SFGate (blog)
The U.S. Navy has found higher-than-usual radiation levels under a vacant unit on Treasure Island, according to a presentation made to the city on …

Hunters Point to Treasure Island: From the frying pan into the fire
San Francisco Bay View
They discovered the Navy also carpeted their refuge, Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, with radioactive buildings crammed with life-threatening …

SF supervisors approve Treasure Island transfers
The U.S. Navy, which still owns the island, continues to undertake radiation surveys, and a lawsuit challenging the city’s environmental review of the …

Officials to test Treasure Island homes for radiation
Officials told San Francisco’s Treasure Island residents that more testing would be done to examine the risks posed by potential radiation exposure …

Treasure Island: How Radioactive Is It?
SF Weekly (blog)
There are, currently, no fewer than seven wineries on Treasure Island. … generated in the nuclear blasts that contaminated Navy ships at Bikini atoll; …

Developer: Treasure Island work coming sooner than expected
Development could start on Treasure Island sooner than expected. Even as the Navy gears up to conduct radiation contamination tests under all the … right mind who wants to buy a home on a small, radioactive, contaminated island.

Treasure Island whistleblower fighting retaliatory eviction
San Francisco Bay View
Treasure Island residents listen to testimony at the Navy’s April 15 meeting. … and her unsuspecting neighbors that Treasure Island is a radioactive dumpsite … was used as a nuclear training base, saturating soil, water and housing. … Navy testing that followed, indeed, unearthed far higher radiation and …

Lee doesn’t think contaminated Treasure Island is unsafe, has no plans to move residents
Mayor Ed Lee is concerned that some Treasure Island residents don’t feel safe living on the former Navy base but doesn’t think anyone’s health is at risk, despite mounting evidence that radiological contamination is far more widespread than authorities initially said.

Mold becomes latest health concern on Treasure Island
The people who live and work on Treasure Island aren’t only plagued by soil contaminated with radiation and toxic substances: An increasing number …

Navy to test Treasure Island homes for radiation
Navy to test Treasure Island homes for radiation …. In January, Navy contractors dug a small radioactive fragment out of the ground in front of a home …

Navy to Begin Radiation Testing on Treasure Island Homes in June
NBC Bay Area
Navy representatives say they will begin radiological tests in June and that the health and safety of residents is paramount. Investigative reporter Vicky …

In reversal, Navy to survey Treasure Island residences for radiation
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
The Navy still has not dug up the radioactive source to determine what and how … its nuclear past, which The Center for Investigative Reporting has exposed in a … The Navy hasn’t decided how it will test the buildings for radiation.

Navy to Test 600 San Francisco Treasure Island Residences For Radiation
Opposing Views
The Navy will test an island community in San Francisco Bay for radiation, officials said Tuesday, while trying to downplay fears of a potential health …

Treasure Island Visit: First Impressions
Bay Area Indymedia
I’ve written about Treasure Island’s radioactive contamination before (see … all its residential units on Treasure Island for the presence of radiation.

African American Worker Blew the Whistle on Treasure Island Radioactive Contamination
Bay Area Indymedia
African American Worker Blew the Whistle on Treasure Island Radioactive … published “Treasure Island cleanup exposes Navy’s mishandling of its nuclear past. … NWE’s services for that company include providing “radiation safety …

Treasure Island: Pandemonium at Halyburton Court
San Francisco Bay View
Situated at Treasure Island’s northwest corner on Site 12, Halyburton Court … sailors for nuclear warfare might have left behind radioactive residue.” Whether radiation residue or chemical contaminants continue to emanate from soil …

The Center for Investigative Reporting

Nuclear byproduct levels on Treasure Island higher than Navy disclosed
Treasure Island is slated to become a mixed-use community for 20,000 residents, once the … Reporting Land slated for development on Treasure Island contains elevated concentrations of cesium-137, a byproduct of …
La Toya Tooles – 2013-04-22 18:04

Treasure Island cleanup exposes Navy’s mishandling of its nuclear past
… San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, an abrupt exit leads to Treasure Island, a seven-sided plain with spectacular views that inspire grandiose … set its sights on erecting a second downtown there. But Treasure Island’s fate in the intervening decades – and a long-secret …
La Toya Tooles – 2014-02-25 04:10

How we searched for cesium contamination on Treasure Island
… into reports of radioactive contamination at the former Treasure Island Naval Station. Along the way, a source told CIR that cesium-137 had been …
La Toya Tooles – 2013-04-12 00:10

Radioactive poisoning may still be risk on Treasure Island, memo says
… cleanup and San Francisco city government reassurances that Treasure Island is safe, children living there might be at risk of radioactive …
La Toya Tooles – 2013-11-13 00:10

In reversal, Navy to survey Treasure Island residences for radiation
… the U.S. Navy plans to survey all occupied residences on Treasure Island for radioactive contamination. The Navy announced the reversal today …
Christine Lee – 2014-03-24 18:12

The Center for Investigative Reporting and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Treasure Island cleanup exposes Navy’s mishandling of its nuclear past
… – For decades before it was selected for closure, the Treasure Island Naval Station in San Francisco Bay housed nuclear war academies that …
La Toya Tooles – 2014-03-07 16:26

Testing Treasure Island’s nuclear past
The Navy has said cesium levels are within its environmental safety limits. But new soil samples show levels up to 3 times higher than previously acknowledged. …
La Toya Tooles – 2013-04-12 00:10

Radiation risk lingers on Treasure Island
In an internal memo, state health officials warn that dangerous radioactive waste might remain in the ground where children could find it. Image:  Link:
La Toya Tooles – 2013-11-13 00:10

Radiation on Treasure Island
La Toya Tooles – 2012-08-17 00:55

Treasure Island sites safe from radiation, health officials say
Christine Lee – 2012-10-31 06:24

Sloppy cleanup of nuclear waste
At the former Treasure Island naval base, an unexpected discovery of radioactive material prompted the … Link:… …
La Toya Tooles – 2014-02-25 04:10

Air Force hopes to stick California city with radioactive waste dump
… has been an ongoing concern. At the former Hunters Point and Treasure Island bases in San Francisco, for example, the Navy has fought with regulators …
Jaena Rae Cabrera – 2013-11-07 12:35

Greece’s diet crisis
… family at a weekly outdoor market in Chania, on the Greek island of Crete. Fresh produce is readily available, but it tends to be more … oil, the olives, the green leafy vegetables that is our treasure. But they were enforced in a way, because of their poverty, to use …
Nikki Frick – 2012-10-30 10:15

Firm tied to Willie Brown gets political boost for Hunters Point plan
… redevelopment projects at Hunters Point and the former Treasure Island Naval Station. Lennar announced soon afterward that the development …
syada – 2013-07-10 16:31

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  1. I lived there [Treasure Island Naval Station] from 2006 to 2009, I was pregnant in 2007 so I lived there through my entire pregnancy, my son was born with half a heart and a very unusual heart structure and has had to have three surgeries. If there is ever a class action lawsuit I want to know about it! Please contact me if you hear of any.

    • I am sorry to hear about another family that was harmed by the contamination at a US military base.

      Please visit DOD Base Family Housing and enter your information into the registry for the Treasure Island Naval Station, CA.

      Class Action Lawsuit

      When we (the injured) try to seek justice for our injuries through the courts, we are told that our case has no standing because of the Statute of Limitations, Feres Doctrine, and/or the sovereign immunity clause of the Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA).

      How can the DOJ/DOD argue that the Statute of Limitations has expired when rogue employees within the DOD conspired to and did conceal the true nature and extent of the contamination?

      How can the DOJ/DOD argue that the Feres Doctrine bars service members from collecting damages from the United States Government for personal injuries when rogue employees conspired to and did conceal the true nature and extent of the contamination?

      How can the DOJ/DOD argue that the Federal Torts Claim Act’s (FTCA) sovereign immunity clause prohibits suing the US government and/or its rogue employees who conspired to and did conceal the true nature and extent of the contamination?

      Thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of men, women, children, and fetuses are sick, dying, or dead because of the cover-up. When are we going to get justice?

      Because there is no Statute of Limitations for murder or manslaughter, when are those involved in the cover-up going to be prosecuted and/or court-martialed for the deaths that they have caused?

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