If you, a friend, or loved one, has been injured or died as a result of the contamination at George Air Force Base, please consider submitting your information for publication in our health registry.  It is important that you roughly follow the format that others have used so that reporters can quickly orient themselves.  You can use your full name, initials, or a pseudonym if you are worried about retaliation.

Please submit your personal accounts for publication.

Karen O.

Hi, my name is Karen. I came across Frank Vera’s sites quite by accident, and I must say I was stunned by what I read. I was stationed at GAFB for just 19 months, from Sept. 1974 – May 1976. I lived in one of the barracks on base, although [Read More…]


Terese Halsey Tice

In April 1987 the Air Force transferred my husband to George AFB in California.  I was 30 years old the mother of 3 wonderful children and life was good, or so we thought.  We were given a two story home Texas Ave where we lived until we bought our first [Read More…]


Kandi W.

My name is Kandi W., I moved to George Air Force Base in 1988. My husband Brian and I lived there until 1991. Before moving on base, and we lived in Adelanto for a year and a half then moved to Victorville for a year. My husband was in the [Read More…]


Stacie C

I was born at GAFB in 1988 and lived there til 1992. I’ve had numerous issues including endometriosis, miscarriage, complicated pregnancies and births, migraines, thyroid issues, and blood clots. Two of my children have colitis as well.


Joseph Cox

My father was stationed at George Air Force Base in 1973. I’m assuming he lived in the barracks at that time. He got married and had me in 1976. We move to Germany shortly after and then moved all over from there. We moved back to Georgia Air Force Base [Read More…]


Beth Rice

We were at GAFB from 1989-1992. My husband got bladder cancer (non-smoker). My oldest daughter has had reproductive disorders. I have fibroids. Another daughter has odd skin conditions that can’t be diagnosed.


G. W.

My dad B. W. was stationed at George AFB several times.  I know we were there when I was in kindergarten, then we moved to Ramstein AFB in Germany for 3 years and then back to George for the remainder of my 3rd grade and we lived at different locations [Read More…]


Don Barr

My name is Don Barr. I was stationed in CES from 1986-1989. My first wife lost a set of twins and almost died in the process. She got pregnant again, and we had a daughter with gastroschisis. Her intestines, liver, and part of her stomach were on the outside. While [Read More…]


Msgt. Victor “Vic” Nabors

My father (Msgt. Victor “Vic” Nabors) was stationed at George in the early 80’s. He was an aircraft mechanic. He passed away in 2011 after a 5-year battle with squamous cell cancer, COPD, pneumonia, and a pulmonary embolism. He also had hearing issues which I attribute to jet fuel and [Read More…]


Misty Deming

My name is Misty Deming. My father, (Jamie Deming) retired as E-6 Master Instructor, Electronic Warfare, was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1980-1989. I was conceived and delivered at GAFB, and we lived in GAFB Family Housing until I was 6. My father passed away a few months [Read More…]


Brian C.

I was stationed at George AFB as a crew chief in the 21st TFS from 1986-1989. I lived in the base dorms. After five months of symptoms and visiting several dentists, an ear nose and throat doctor, a neurologist, and an oral surgeon, I was finally diagnosed in April of [Read More…]



I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 after years of strange illnesses. It is my belief, after research, that this is caused by environmental conditions that weaken the bodies circulatory system, allowing passage of viruses or bacteria into the cerebral fluid cause the body an autoimmune response. This may have [Read More…]


Willis Parsons

My name is Willis Parsons.  My dad (TSgt Franklin A. Parsons) was stationed at George AFB, and we lived at 313 Montana St. in base family housing from Oct 1973 to Sept 1976 when he retired.  I have two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger sister.  My dad [Read More…]


M. Bynack

I was stationed at George from 88 until it closed.  Two years after I left my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare thyroid cancer normally associated with radiation exposure and had to have her thyroid removed and hasn’t had any other problems.  Both of my daughters had thyroid issues [Read More…]


Robert Lantis



Donald Hurlburt

I was stationed at George from may 77 to Nov80 and lived in the barracks. Due to the heat drank a ton of water all time from community water fountains. Should I be concerned? Thru the years I have had periods of blackouts and have had problems controlling my urinal [Read More…]


Tabitha Ralston

I went to school for 4 years and have multiple heath problems any advice?

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William M Sawyer

My name is William M Sawyer. I was stationed at GAFB from 85-88. I was in perfect health and had no cancer in my family. At 20 years old I got stage three cancer that spread from my testicle to both of my lungs. If there is any proof of [Read More…]


Ray Cook

I was stationed at GAFB from 1966-1969. I was married and my wife had two miscarriages and a stillborn baby during that time.


Connie Mcclanahan

Lived on George 78 to 81 .have had mystery illness ever since. They sprayed my house all the time. For ants. The water used to be shut off with no warning constantly my kids played in the dirt bathed in the water, inhaled the toxic air.


Cynthia Markley

I was a military wife at George AFB from 1984-1988. We lived on Montezuma Way in Adelanto and later on 10th Street in Victorville. I miscarried at 9 weeks in 1985 and gave birth to a stillborn daughter at 20 weeks in 1986. She was born with massive cystic hygromas [Read More…]


Carol Bachofner, previously Costello

1975- 1977 in base housing and daughters in base schools until 1979; prior husband prostate cancer; children with melanoma and various respiratory issues, skin cancer, and leukemia for me and a cluster of thyroid issues in the whole family!


M. J.

I was stationed at George AFB. from November 81-April 1984. 35th TFW 20th AMU as a Crew Chief. In the last 2 1/2 years I have been diagnosed with glaucoma, central retinal vein occlusion, and celiac disease. My daughter was born in 1989 with congenital deafness. I am also hypothyroid [Read More…]


John Sanders

I was stationed at George from 1967 until July 1970. Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).


Sherilynn Garlick

I lived on George Air Force Base as a child from 1980 to 1984 and have tons of the listed ailments and my family does as well. My brother was also born there around 1981 and has had multiple health problems all his life…I wonder if this is worth looking [Read More…]


Carl L Mitchell

My name is Stephanie and my husband was Carl Mitchell who served at George AFB during the years of 1972-1976.  He served with 35th Field Maintenance SQ (TAC) as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Repairman. He died in 2010 from Tumor Lysis Syndrome after a 12-year fight with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Carl [Read More…]


Missing Military Personnel, Health, and Medical Records

If you have been unable to get your military personnel, health, and/or medical records from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) please tell your story.

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M. D.

My name is M. D. I was an AF wife at George AFB for 7 years, late 1968 through late 1975. We lived in Adelanto through most of my first pregnancy. I nearly miscarried in the 6th month and spent at least 1 week confined to bed at the base [Read More…]


Martin Rigg

My name is Martin Rigg, I was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1971-1972 and lived in the enlisted barracks across the street from the Airman’s Club. I worked in the 35th CES Fire Department George AFB CA and I just recently learned about the nuclear waste on the [Read More…]

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Yvette Allen

My name is Yvette Allen, I lived on George as a dependent from 1973 to 1982 we lived on Montana Street we drank plenty of water, played in the dirt and took lots and lots of baths in that water. My mother got Cancer first Lung Cancer she was in [Read More…]


Lisa McCrea

My name is  Lisa McCrea, I arrived at GAFB a normal, healthy woman in 1987 but, certainly didn’t leave that way. I suffered a horrible miscarriage with my first pregnancy and nearly died at 4 months pregnant.I was one of the women sent home to bleed out. I had to [Read More…]


Lorie Clark

My name is Lorie Clark, I was stationed at George AFB from 1980-1983. I lived in base housing from 1981-1983. My husband at the time and two daughters lived there. One was born at the hospital and the other in Apple Valley. I have the following health issues: Low Thyroid [Read More…]


D. G.

My name is D. G., I lived at George AFB as a child of an active duty soldier. I lived there from 83 to 91, at 238 Oregon St. I/m 36 years of age and suffer from equilibrium/balance issues. Uneven hearing loss, tinnitus, migraines, depression, and anxiety. No one in my [Read More…]


Brigitte Leehr

My name is Brigitte Leehr (Jones), I lived on George AFB from 1976 – 1979.  I was a dependent child and we lived on base housing during those years. We were deployed to Lakenheath England in 1979 and within a few months I became ill and was diagnosed with cancer [Read More…]


Donna Lenz

My husband has also had Esophageal and prostate cancer. And we lost a child to anencephaly. He was based here, then onto Phu Cat. He got the toxins from everywhere!


Cheryl J. Wolford-Stamps-Carter

My sister and I were born on George’s Air Force base in 1955 and 1954 respectively. My father Wolford last name was enlisted. My Mother was Beverly. They were married. She died of liver disease I was told. I am concerned for my family history is sketchy and this web [Read More…]


Larry P. Campos

I was stationed at George Air Force Base from 1969 thru 1973, with a tour of South East Asia in between. I was a crew chief on F4 Phantoms. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and chronic emphysema. I turned in a claim to V/A [Read More…]


Connie Curry

I lived at George from 77 to 80 with my family they were young kids at that time. There were always problems with the water. they would shut it off with no notice, then turn it back on it and it would be dirty. This caused a lot of problems [Read More…]


Tommy Jacobs

My family was stationed on George AFB in the early to mid seventies. my mom now has multiple sclerosis (MS) and was diagnosed in 1990. but the drs said she had it for a very long time is it possible the her MS was caused by exposure at George AFB [Read More…]



My dad was stationed there GAFB in 70 – 73, I was 13 and up. I had a total hysterectomy with endometriosis and bilateral mastectomies for breast cancer. I have been ill for many years and many of my family have been ill. Long story


Raymond Cook

I was stationed there from 1966-1969. During my stay my wife had a stillborn and two miscarriages. Prior to that we had no problems and 5 years after that we had a healthy little girl with no problems. We of course had no warnings and at that time it was [Read More…]


C. Wilkinson

I arrived in Fall of 1984 and I had heard from people that they were telling women not to get pregnant. So when I got pregnant in 1985 I was told by the doctor at 4 weeks to not get attached because I was going to lose my baby. I [Read More…]


Terri Kristl Crooks

Terri just set a precedent by winning her Department of Veterans Administration (DVA) claim for service connected health conditions associated with her exposure to toxic chemicals at George AFB. She had a repeated and prolonged exposure to chlordane and other organochlorine pesticides (“OCPs”) that were used as herbicides, insecticides, termiticides, [Read More…]


Melissa Hensley

My name is Melissa Hensley my mother was stationed at George AFB in 1980-1983 so was my father. We lived in Victorville. My mom was a jet engine mechanic she was around trichloroethylene (TCE)  so was my father. My mother was diagnosed in 1981 with endometriosis and by God’s amazing grace got [Read More…]


Bridgette Smith

My name is Bridgette Smith, and my father was stationed at George AFB from 1983- 1991. We moved to Wyoming Ct, off of the flight line, when I was 5 and moved off base when I was 12. As a child, I had constant colds and pneumonia. At 16, I [Read More…]


Rachel Grasty-Sheehan

My name is Rachel Grasty-Sheehan. My dad was stationed at George AFB from 1983 to  1989 my dad was an SP, and then he cross trained to Training Management after his back problem got too much for him.  We lived in the base housing. First on Massachusetts Circle and then [Read More…]

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Suzanne Mounce-Arena

My name is Suzanne Mounce-Arena – I was stationed at George AFB from 1986-1991- 35th 20th AMU weapons F-4 I lost two pregnancies [miscarriage] at the base, had to get a hysterectomy in my 20’s, ulcerative colitis, depression, hypertension, graves’ disease (autoimmune), graves ophthalmology (autoimmune), heart problems, emphysema, COPD…….plus more. [Read More…]


Daniel S.

My name is Daniel S – Dates at George AFB 1987-1992 – Active duty, Nav-Aids/ MET-NAV – 2067 COMM Squadron I lived  off and on base the  entire 5 years, some in the barracks, some in base housing. I lived in Adelanto for approximately 1 of those  years. Water quality was very poor. It was [Read More…]


G. A.

My name is G. A.  In October 1981, at age 17, I was assigned to George AFB, CA (active duty).  I attended a briefing by the base hospital as part of the INTRO program for newly assigned personnel.  During that briefing, females (both military and civilian) were told to consider not [Read More…]


Frank Vera

My name is Frank Vera.  I was stationed at George AFB from 1973 to 1974, assigned to the 35th MMS, worked in the Gun Shop, and lived on base on the ground floor of an old WWII barracks.  Shortly after being stationed at George AFB my life became a living [Read More…]


Andrea Asa Sonnenberg

My name is Andrea Asa Sonnenberg, and my father was a career officer in the USAF. For the first 10 years of my life, we lived on base, moving from such diverse areas as Germany, Mississippi, Nebraska and Illinois. My dad retired when I was in my early 20s. This [Read More…]

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George AFB’s Children

  I have received dozens of personal accounts about miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, and childhood cancers at George Air Force Base.  Here are some excerpts from these accounts: “When I arrived at the base [George AFB] in Oct 81, they told us during our inbrief that there was a high [Read More…]


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  1. My brother in 1981 something went wrong one minute everthing is okay whit how everthing went because of what they are hiding back then and how the death went down and the man that brought the body back strange he said all of stuff hiding

  2. My husband was stationed at GAFB from 1978-81. He died from complications of MS 10 years ago. He started showing symptoms in 1984..

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